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We work with you to determine how best to integrate Luxer One package management systems to your building. We also work directly with architects, designers, and planners to integrate Luxer One package lockers and secure package rooms into new developments and remodels. 

Whether Luxer One package lockers, a Luxer One or ButterflyMX package room, or a combination approach is best for your apartment, condo, or student housing property, we’ve got you, your staff, and residents covered with the best technology-driven, touch-free package management solutions for Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, and Washington State.

Luxer One Package Solution - package rooms by Luxer One package management for apartments condos HOA

Secure Package Rooms

If you’re interested in parcel lockers, but don’t have the space for a locker system, Luxer One package rooms may be a great option for your property. The Luxer Room will keep your residents’ packages secure while freeing up staff from having to deal with packages.

Luxer Room is a simple technology that adds a layer of controlled access to any package room. Carriers deliver directly to the room with their delivery access code. Package recipients receive a text message with a one-time use access code to enter and retrieve their package. Video surveillance with access logs maintain security & accountability. 

Luxer One Package Solution - package lockers by Luxer One package management for apartments condos HOA

Package Lockers

With state of the art locker technology, Luxer One package lockers will revolutionize how your building handles package delivery. The best parcel lockers offer your residents 24/7 touch-free access, ultimate convenience, and an enhanced level of security for their packages.  

Property managers will no longer suffer the incredibly time-consuming process of accepting and distributing packages, plus you will no longer have package acceptance liability.

Outdoor Package Lockers

Think having your package lockers outside will be more effective for your property? Luxer One outdoor lockers may be perfect for you.

These incredibly strong, sturdy package lockers feature roof shields to protect against rain and direct sunlight and are totally water-resistant. Luxer One outdoor lockers can withstand everyday wear and tear from weather, no matter where the property is located. Even in harsher climates like Spokane, Washington, Boise, Idaho, or even Alaska, Hawaii, and Nevada.

Locker Specifications

Height: 76:

Width: 37.5″

Depth: 23″

Height: 89.5″ with roof kit

Width: 37.5″

Depth: 23″

Luxer One package lockers need power and data to operate, like how your smart phone needs a data plan. Cellular connection is an option in select outdoor situations, though hardwiring is preferred.

Luxer One’s lockers are all 37.5″ wide and 23″ deep. Indoor units are all 76″ high, while the outdoor units are 89.5″ high if they have a roof kit.

Roof kits are optional IF the lockers will be out of the elements, especially direct sunlight.

Looking for more information about Luxer One locker and package room specs? Need Revit/Autocad files for your project? Just ask


Main Locker

The Main locker is the brains of your Luxer One system.

Doors = 15

Sizes: Small (9), Medium (4), Large (2)


The 17-door Add-On locker is the perfect companion to the Main locker.

Doors = 17

Sizes = Small (10), Medium (5), Large (2)



The all-medium locker contains 14 medium-sized compartments. Since multiple shipments to the same person can be combined into one locker compartment, the all-medium is perfecct for properties with high package volume and/or a population that orders everything online.

Doors = 14

Sizes = Medium (14)

4-Door Extra Tall

Does your property get lots of oddly-shaped packages? The 4-door locker can handle multiple orders shipping to the same person and/or oddly-shaped/extra tall boxes that don’t quite fit in a Large locker compartment.

Doors = 4

Sizes = Extra-tall (4)


The oversized locker is perfect for big packages or overflow in busy times. With one huge compartment, the oversized locker accepts any parcel that ships, including oddly-shaped packages.

Doors = 1

Sizes = Extra-large (1)

More Sizes

Looking for another configuration? Contact us to learn about other available package locker sizes and configurations for indoor, outdoor, combination locker/package rooms, and alcove installations.

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Looking for Samples?

We can’t exactly send a 500 lb steel sample. But we ARE happy to provide references! If you’d like to see Luxer One’s package lockers or package rooms in action, just ask. We’ll point you to some installations in your area of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Alaska, or Hawaii.

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Cutting-edge optical software + AI technology allows carriers to deliver packages quicker than ever before. 

What is a Smart Locker?

Luxer One package lockers are easy to use for residents, carriers, and property managers.

For Residents

Luxer One’s mission is to make it a joy to receive packages. 

For Carriers

Delivery packages in seconds with Luxer One package lockers.

Your Package Management Options



Save property manager time Hardware, shipping, and installaion is expensive (steel lockers)
Robust online portal for system management, reports, training resources, and more Some* package locker companies manufacture overseas, affecting shipping timelines (*Luxer One package lockers are Made in the USA)
No resident fees ever required from Luxer One BUT they can support any structure imaginable to meet any financial or operational goal Large size may limit package locker placement
Integrations with property management software for fast and easy registration and deactivation
Mobile app (Apple & Android) for variety of modern options and contactless opening of lockers
straight from resident’s device



Can accept any size delivery Requires more management than lockers

Minimal hardware; less expensive than package lockers


Can be prone to carriers “dumping” packages without scanning in
Flexible options for size; can be as large or as small as the property has space for Less secure than package lockers



Lowest cost; subscription fees can be passed on to residents Scheduled pickup times can be very inconvenient for residents
Relieves property staff of all package management Amazon Prime members may not want to wait extra days to pick up their packages
No hardware Residents often resist or complain about “extra fees” or feeling “nickel and dimed”


From the hardware to the software to the internal electronics, Luxer One locker components are designed in-house. Luxer One has built a heavy-duty and high-quality smart locker system that you can trust. See for yourself how Luxer One’s lockers are made. Luxer One’s lockers are made of 12-gauge steel and can withstand 2,000 lbs of force without the lock breaking.

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Amenity Technologies (Ameni-Tech) offers the best Luxer One package lockers and the best Luxer One secure package rooms for multifamily properties (apartments, condos, and student housing) in Washington State, Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, and Nevada.

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